MAI Risk Advisors

Our team of friendly, professional problem-solvers can help protect you, your family, and your business and ensure confidence in your coverage. MAI Risk Advisors offers smart, creative solutions to help mitigate risks while implementing strategies that will improve efficiency and profitability.

The team at MAI

What sets us apart?

At MAI Risk Advisors, we pride ourselves on our principles of service. We are passionate about the service we provide our clients and we are committed to developing enjoyable, long lasting relationships. We have a unique diagnostic process through which we identify, measure, and prioritize our clients’ risks.


With our simple and effective 4-step process, we are able to make a huge difference for our clients. This process begins with discovering everything there is to know about your business, what you do and how you do it. From there, we go on to design and collaborate to create solutions around risks that pose a threat to your business. Once a plan is in place, we will implement the protocols and solutions developed in the previous phase. Finally, we will monitor and measure to ensure our clients’ needs are being met.



We know businesses evolve and things change. MAI Risk Advisors adapts with your company and continuously protects you from unnecessary insurance claims. That’s the MAI difference. We engage with our clients on a much deeper level than our competitors, creating lasting valuable relationships.

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